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So you are a Christian and a mason!

Almost none of Freemasonry's teachings come from Christianity.  This 'mystery religion' Masons have joined originates from pagans in ancient Egypt, Chaldea, and in China. The Mystery Religion, Freemasonry and all 'ancient' secret societies have one thing in common. They string you along, just to finally tell you that there is no God; and you are a god, because you follow their teachings, which when summed up represents:
Relax. Be greedy. Be selfish - if these help you get ahead. Win at any cost. Enjoy your expensive Freemason diamond ring and other symbols, pay your hefty dues on time, and follow the Masonic - path. And you too will be successful - because there is no Hell, and no higher authority other than Lucifer; who is good, but misunderstood!
It is when members have attained the highest levels of masonry, believing the 'Masonic lie"; and they will 'understand' that the Grand Architect of the Universe is not the God of the Old or New Testaments, but instead is the perfect Mason!
The attraction that has in many instances cost them their family life, chipping away, and finally shedding needless 'layers' from both their old useless religion, and from loyalties outside of Masonry, which all along were what concealed them from their own personal true image, as the one and only real God.
It may be too late for you - if you think you are a Christian, and also are a Mason; unless………..
Having finally understood that, you repent to Jesus, return to your family, and flee from 'Satan's Synagogue'.
Your diamond rings and other pagan Masonry jewelry won't make the least impression on Jesus. Satan 'sold' this same lie to Eve in Eden, as he did so to the Masons and earlier 'ancient' pagans.
Jesus said 

 "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me".

Freemasonry baits you into believing that there is useful knowledge to be learnt in masonry.
 At each level you will be disappointed with these so-called Secrets…… which are lies, ancient rituals, and insignificant
It is the lure of curiosity and nothing more that will be satisfied by Masonry.
 “ Freemasonry requires the swearing of many oaths. Denial of the Christian faith increases with each Masonic oath taken. The swearing of all thee oaths is intended to control and inspire terror in the life of the candidate.
Horrific spiritual doorways are opened up. A candidate is told that violation of the oaths is betrayal, and betrayal will bring destruction to the candidate, his family, and future generations.
Manly Hall, a thirty-third degree mason writes;
“Every Mason knows a broken vow brings with it a terrible penalty…When a Mason swears that he will devote his life to Freemasonry….and then defiles his living temple….. He is breaking a vow which imposes not hours but ages of misery..”
We must know that the oath of a freemason is a ritual that is not only symbolic of covenant, but is making a covenant”………page 45..Freemasonry...Death in the family Yvonne Kitchen
At some stage it will dawn on you that you have chosen the lodge, the occult and Satan, over the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Even the mention of Jesus Christ is  blocked out in your lodge!
Leaving you trapped because of all the "solemn Masonic oaths" you had made, without any prior knowledge of just what you were in for!

Masons are know to dispose off any threat against the society, regardless of any level
President Adams was convinced Freemasonry was Luciferian, noxious, detrimental and highly evil.  So convinced was Adams of the devilish and negative effects of Freemasonry in the affairs of men that this former President of the United States helped to found the Anti-Mason Political Party. In 1830, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives on the Anti-Mason Party ticket. 
It was the tragic murder of Captain William Morgan by a group of Masons in the state of New York in the year 1826 that further heightened Adams’ sense of urgency to warn of the dangers of the Masonic Lodge. Morgan, an ex-Mason, had revealed some of the secrets of the Masons—oaths, handshakes and ritual trappings, etc. In retaliation, he was ritually murdered in a particularly gruesome manner, and his lifeless, mutilated body abandoned in a lake.

The statue honoring Captain William Morgan, erected in Batavia, New York by a Christian group opposed to secret societies. Engraved on the monument are these words: "Sacred to the memory of Wm. Morgan, a native of Virginia, a Capt. in the War of 1812, a respectable citizen of Batavia, and a martyr to the freedom of writing, printing and speaking the truth. He was abducted from near this spot in the year 1826, by Freemasons and murdered for revealing the secrets of their order."

The facts of Morgan’s murder were subsequently covered up by lawful authorities, reputed themselves to be Masons. When evidence ensued that the Masonic Society had assisted the culprits responsible for Morgan’s death to elude capture and escape punishment, the event caused a national scandal.

Freemasonry is deceptive and fraudulent...Its promise is light—its performance is darkness. 

Yvonne Kitchen, Founder of fruitful Vine Ministries,

An Apostle prophet, exposes false apostles and prophets, and the false apostolic of freemasonry.
Her writing is not from any source other than personal discovery and revelation in the spirit, pioneering the way out of a very deep web of deceit.
With almost 20,000 copies already sold and in its sixth revised and expanded edition, this is a must read !

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Freemasonry -Wholesome or a web of deceit!

James Shaw, a former Thirty-Third Degree Mason, was appointed Chaplain in the Scottish 
Hello everyone and many thanks for visiting.

 Hello everyone and many thanks for visiting.

 I am compelled to continue on this series of insights into the false teachings of freemasonry, its impact upon your lives and the devastating effects for all those connected to your bloodline.

On the surface, Freemasonry looks wholesome.

There is fellowship, loyalty, brotherhood and the support of good causes such as burn units in hospitals, retirement homes, a Grand charity that provides relief grants for hundreds of members and their dependants in financial needs as well as donating hundreds of millions of dollars to National charities all around the world.

The Masonic motto is "Making good men better." 

However, very few understand what they are getting into when they become Masons. Most Masons join because they trust friends, family members, or church members who invite them. Others join for business connections or political votes. Some men join because of Masonic charities. For whatever the reason, most men who join have no idea that, during their initiation, they will be required to make solemn blood oaths.

Freemasonry is a lifelong succession of deceptions.

 Even Lodge leaders do not realize that they are deceiving their members. For the lack of discernment or utter ignorance, they simply recite the same things they have heard and said, over and over, assuming that they are right and good.

However, the Princes and Adepts of Freemasonry deliberately deceive the Masons under them.

American Freemasonry includes local Lodges, Scottish Rite Temples, York Rite, and the Shriners. Prince Hall is a Masonic order for black men.

The Eastern Star is an auxiliary organization for wives and adult daughters of Masons.

There are also Masonic organizations for children -- DeMolay (for boys), Job's Daughters, and Rainbow Girls. These are known as "adoptive" masonry, which means that wives, sisters, daughters and sons of Masons are spiritually adopted into the Masonic order.
As a result, they are under the spiritual authority of Freemasonry. (William Schnoebelen, Masonry: Beyond the Light, page 104)

In freemasonry there is no room for Jesus,
Masonic writers agree that freemasonry is a religion. But it’s certainly not Christianity!
In freemasonry Buddhist kneel alongside Hindus, Christian scientists, Mormons, Unitarians, theosophies, Allah, Islam, Mohammedans, New Agers and Druids.

Each follower can be his own Christos. The teachings of Kabbalah, Gnostics and Astrology are all accepted along with the worship of the Egyptian, Grecian, Roman and Babylonian gods. The worship of Philosophers is in there.

The Blue Lodge has no room for Jesus. The York Rite Blackballs the Lord Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus Christ is struck out of all scripture used and all doctrine.

James Shaw, a former Thirty-Third Degree Mason, was appointed Chaplain in the Scottish Rite. Since at that time he didn't know how to pray, he got a book of John Wesley's prayers and read one, ending "in Christ's name".
For that he was sharply rebuked by his Commander and reported to the Secretary of the Scottish Rite, who told him that he was never to end a prayer "in Jesus' name" or "in Christ's name." (Tom McKenney, "Please Tell Me," page 72)

Most people familiar with salvation would take this to be a promise of salvation. However, eternity in hell is a form of "future life." Everybody has a future life. The question is, will they spend it in Heaven or in hell?

The star worshipped is not Jesus, the bright morning star. It is the star of the goat of Mendes, the god of lust.

Freemasonry is an occult religion. The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ from his birth to his death is not included in freemasonry, even thou they say you could use whichever form of religion you have believed and want to follow.

Most profoundly, the incredible, great outpouring of the blood of Jesus at his death, the power of the cross, and his resurrection from the dead is absent.

The Lamb of God is taken over with the gospel of Masonry. It is the gospel of Hiram Abiff, making the blood of Jesus of no effect.

It is the false Christ shouting time past and time present: ”Give us Barrabbas. We do not want Jesus of Nazareth”!
We do not want His presence and power in the house of God”

Only deep repentance will turn the tide…Yvonne Kitchen. Freemasonry, Death in the Church. p52

Yvonne Kitchen ‘s “Freemasonry: Death in the Church is a first of its kind.

A true Apostolic and prophetic book, it is purposed to bring release to the church, and individuals in the church, from a major sabotage of Satan.

The author’s heart is to see the Church come in to the fullness of its destiny in Jesus Christ, with truly apostolic, New Testament signs following.

Yvonne Kitchen, Founder of fruitful Vine Ministries,

An Apostle prophet, exposes false apostles and prophets, and the false apostolic of freemasonry.
Her writing is not from any source other than personal discovery and revelation in the spirit, pioneering the way out of a very deep web of deceit.
With almost 20,000 copies already sold and in its sixth revised and expanded edition, this is a must read !

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Friday, 6 April 2012

Renouncing Darkeness

The word renounce is to formally declare one’s abandonment of a claim, right, or possession.
Literally it can be translated to command away, to take strong verbal action, to reject, cut off, totally disown, breakaway the legal right of something.
We need to completely renounce the devil’s hold over our lives and our households. Verbalize it aloud! 
In the authority of the lord Jesus to whom we need to declare uncompromisingly that no lingering demonic foothold will remain in our homes.

No cures will no longer prosper against us!

James 4:7 - says “resist the devil, and he will flee from you”
Mark 11:23 - Speak  to your mountain with authority!, use the name of jesus to break devilish curses in every case………………………..
Renounce them off that is why our words are powerful and can bring life or death to a person.

That's what we need to do in order to break and cancel the effects of Masonic curses.  Because of the spiritual nature of the words they use, we need to take strong spiritual, verbal action against them, just like the word "resist" in James 4:7.

Our freedom has been won for us at the Cross of Calvary - but it has to be appropriated!
We need to completely renounce the devil's hold over our lives, and our households.  Verbalise it out loud with the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ to Whom we belong .  We need to declare uncompromisingly that no lingering demonic foothold will remain in our home.  No curse will any longer prosper against us and break the demonic stronghold from the next upcoming generations.

Oaths are taken verbally at the alter of Freemasonry, they must be verbally renounced and revoked before the alter of God, i.e. in sincere worship before Him.

There are many Masonic vows taken by verbal oaths, which are binding by blood.  If these are not renounced by the Freemason, or someone in the family line, the person will not be released from it, when a man leaves Freemasonry he is not released from his oaths.  
By confession, repentance and renouncing in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we can release the blood of Jesus to wash away the power of these blood oaths, and we can call upon the Name of the Lord to be totally delivered.
This will help bring in revival again!  That is the stronghold over Dallas, Texas, which was founded by Freemasons. 

God has always required someone to take accountabiilty for the unconfessed "sins of the fathers".  They need to be named and cleansed off or they remain unaccounted for.  They need to be specifically taken to the Cross.

Renounce (out loud) all of your family's involvement with Freemasonry

Also, any other Lodge, craft, secret society, cult, etc.  Declare that the curses and all lingering effects are stopped now, because of the Cross of Jesus Christ and the cleansing power of Jesus' blood.  Repent for your family from all involvement with these satanic rituals.  Repent from any office that your family linage held in the Lodge, society or cult.
Any unforgiveness you are harboring over anyone binds you to the sin another has committed against you (John 20:23).  Forgiveness canccels it and begins to undo its effect.

Ever hear the word of the Lord, "Come out of her My people." If you have been hoodwinked and deceived into joining Freemasonry, you must "Come out of her," or you will spend an eternity in the lake of fire, with Lucifer, the god of Freemasonry. The god of the temples of freemasonry is Lucifer.

Make no mistake about it, if you don't know Lucifer or Satan is the god of freemassonry, you have been deceived.

Most masons do not know of, or deny its existence.  Most masons are told it does not exist, The Book of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. This is the actual ritual. Not some quotes from an anti-Mason book, but significant parts of the actual ritual book. It is no wonder that these secrets of the "craft" and luciferian initiations are kept from, not only the public, but its own members. It is only now things are being revealed. 
They are deceived regarding the truth that freemasonry is a religion of Lucifer.

 Any "Christian" who is a freemason, must come out it, renounce it, and repent of it, or he will be damned.

 Do you "Christian freemasons" think that God Almighty will tolerate members of Lucifer's Lodge? Freemasonry, intentionally misleads and deceives its low level initiates of the Blue Lodge. Does that sound like the work of the True God or a false god? How will you stand before God Almighty as a member of Lucifer's Lodge?
When one sees the list of high level freemasons and their positions of power and influence  in apostate churchianity, the amazing speed and extent of the apostacy is understandable.

Most try to keep it hushed; however, the positions of power and influence in the church are in the hands of men who have taken luciferian initiations. In the "Christian" seminaries, colleges, universities, TV, radio, and in almost all the large chruch organizations, one will find high level freemason luciferians in control. That is how quickly another gospel has been spread. They would rather deny or threaten those who expose their high level fremasonry membership. 
I recommend reading a great book on the topic, Freemasonry...Death in the family..where Yvonne Kitchen takes you into the depths and the various steps to renounce all connection with freemasonry.
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Devilish Curses!!!

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I will be sharing with you various topics, aricles and some of  of my own experiences as well.

Today's extract comes from one of Yvonne Kitchen's best selling books 

"Freemasonry....Death in the Family"

 This book was given to me several years ago. Actually, like many, I shelved it as i had better things to read, at the time....... or so i thought!
However, it surfaced just recently and as i read it..........
   It really shook my foundations.

My journey of release has just begun, thanks to Yvonne Kitchen and  her amazing ministry,  Fruitful vine &Lysterfield. victoria.
please read and visit the websie where it could be purchased. It's an absolute true investment to be freed from family curses!

"Despite all of the good works done by many community-minded and sincere men in freemasonry, the truth is Freemasonry, as one writer put it, "it is a false pagan religion that breaks up families, estranges wives, engineers subversion, and brings sickness to devotees and their offspring".
Charles Finney of the United States was a lawyer and became a great revivalist. He came out of freemasonry as a master Mason, renounced and repented for his sin and abomination.
He began a major confrontation of evil works, declaring:"It is the most anomalous(abnormal), absurd and abominable institution that can exist in a Christian country!'
The power of his ministry was to lead people to repent and renounce the hidden works of darkness. Multitudes were truly born again.
Freemasonry is not only a false, pagan religion" and an abomintion", but it is anti-christ, immoral and blood shedding! A study of the oaths and rituals is eye opening!
Freemasonry is fundamentally a religious system totally opposed to christanity. Don't be deceived about it! When the wrapper is taken this package, the contents exposed are occult paganism to the core!
Freemasonry involves the taking of oaths and curses.
Knowingly or unknowingly, freemasons practice witchcraft and black magic, he effects of which are horrendous on their own family members, and on generations to come.
The curses invoked by a freemason will affect to the forth and fifth generations , unless specifically broken, because legal rights have been handed over to lucifer.

This does affect Christian families! If here has been freemasonry involvement in the background of either marriage partner, your home can come under a number of curses and remain beseiged.

The breaking of every curse is the way to be free from the torment that can come over your family life and your whole lifetime.
words spoken into the spirit realm, create a spiritual power of destruction, building up or breaking down, blessing or cursing.
Christians confess with their mouth the Lord Jesus, and speak life (Romans 10:10). Similarly, people confess allegiance to other gods, and to Satan, and the words become spiritually binding in the spirit realm."

In closing I have a few questions for you..............................Where do you belong? what side of the fence are you sitting on? and who do you serve?

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